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Diary of a Young Farmer

Written by William Robinson 1939 - 1941, then aged about 20.

(click here for William's brother, Wilson's, diaries from 1935)

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Sunday 1

Fine, very warm


Monday 2

Fine, warm.

At Kendal. Got new shoes from Co-op 21/-.

Carting muck Crow


Tuesday 3

Fine, warm. S W wind.

Carting muck on stubble. Among sheep. Dad at Hollins.

O.D. 1 -- 5


Wednesday 4

Fine, warm, S W wind.

Carting muck on seeds.


Thursday 5

Fine. W wind.

Carting muck. Jobbing about.


Friday 6

Fine, strong W wind.

Finished carting muck. Got early potatoes up.


Saturday 7

Light rain all day. S W wind.

Scaling muck. Ploughing.


Sunday 8

Bright intervals. Showers.

L D V Church Parade.


Monday 9

Fine, sunny, cool. W wind. Frost in morning.

Ploughing. On lots.


Tuesday 10

Fine, sunny, warm. Strong W wind. Frost.

Ploughing. Scaling muck. Sawing wood for O.B.


Wednesday 11

Fine, sunny, warm. W wind. Hard frost.

Ploughing. Scaling muck.


Thursday 12

Very wet all day.

Whitewashing. On lots with cart for 3 sheep.

O.D. 9 -- 1


Friday 13

Heavy showers all day. Bright intervals.

Ploughing. Scaling muck. Jobbing about.


Saturday 14

Fine. Light showers.

Ploughing. Dipped tups and fat lambs. 7 tups for next Sat.


15th to 18th - pages missing


Thursday 19

Fine, thunder shower. very strong S W wind.

Ploughing. Scaling muck.


Friday 20

Heavy local showers. S wind.

Sawing wood for O.B. at S. and some of ours. Went to Canny for 2 carts of wood


Saturday 21

Fine, strong S wind.

At Kendal tup sale. Suffolk. Sorting sheep out for Monday.

Sh Tups made 4 gns 5 gns 6½gns 6¾ gns. Lamb made 6¾ gns.

O.D. 1 - 5


Sunday 22

Fine. Showers


Monday 23

Showers at first. Fine later. Strong W wind. Cold.

Ploughing. Took 6 ewes to Auction and 5 lambs.

4 ewes 70 lb each @ 8¾

2 ewes 80 lb each @ 8¾

5 lambs 41 lb each @ 1/2¼


Tuesday 24

Fine. N wind. Cold.

Ploughing. Getting potatoes up.


Wednesday 25

Fine, sunny, warm.

Getting potatoes up


Thursday 26

Fine, dull, warm.

Getting potatoes up. At Penrith tup sale. Bought 1 for £7. Suffolk. Let tup go with Suffolks and Half Bred.


Friday 27

Fine, strong S wind.

Thrashing at O.B. Thrashing at Strickley,  with Government thrasher.


Saturday 28

Fine. Very strong N wind.

Carting corn away and cleaning up after thrasher


Sunday 29

Fine, warm


Monday 30

Fine, warm.

getting potatoes up. Finished Arran Banner and started Keris Pink.

O.D. 8.30 - 1



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