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Diary of a Young Farmer

Written by William Robinson 1939 - 1941, then aged about 20.

(click here for William's brother, Wilson's, diaries from 1935)

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MAY 1940

Wednesday 1

Fine, bright intervals afternoon. Light NE wind

Killed pig. Harrowing in Crow for kale and turnips


Thursday 2

Fine, bright, warm, Light NE wind

Sew kale, turnips and carrots in Crow

Penrith Shorthorn Sale


Friday 3

Fine, bright, warm. Light NE wind

Carting sticks etc on lots. Cutting pig up. Laid 16 cows out. Left 2 in (feeding fat)


Saturday 4

Fine sunny ,very warm

Rolled stitches and little corn in Crow with heavy roller. Sew seeds in S.H.

Chain harrowed and rolled it


Sunday 5

Fine, sunny , very hot


Monday 6

Fine, sunny , light N wind. Heavy rain early morning

Picking stones off seeds. Inspected ploughing for subsidy.


Tuesday 7

Fine, dull, S wind. Light rain after tea

Carting stones off seeds and finished picking them.


Wednesday 8

Fine sunny afternoon. Very hot

Carting sticks. Let young calves out first time


Thursday 9

Fine, sunny, very hot

Finished carting sticks. Clipped tups. Finished picking Meadows. Dry gapping.


Friday 10

Fine, sunny. warm

Cleaned a calf hull out. Went round wire fences putting new posts etc up.

S Janet 10th calved Roan C.C.

Germany entered Holland and Belgium. Chamberlain resigned

90 odd German planes shot down in Holland, Belgium, France and Britain


Saturday 11

Fine, sunny ,warm

On lots. Chain harrowed potato stitches down. Finished going round wire fences.

Over 200 planes shot down or destroyed since Friday morning


Sunday 12

Fine, sunny. very hot. Light S wind

No Whit holidays


Monday 13

Fine. Cloudy morning. Sunny and warm later. Very strong S wind

At auction. Sold S Janet 10th 27-17-6

Dry gapping.


Tuesday 14

Fine, dull morning. Cold. Sunny later, strong S wind

Run potato stitches up. Doctored lame lambs. Bunt sticks bottom of old lane. Dry gapping.

Strickley Peggy 26th calved R.W.B.C


Wednesday 15

Wet morning, fine afternoon. Very cold strong N wind

Whitewashing. Dry gapping


Thursday 16

Fine, sunny, warm. Strong N wind

Cleaned lavatory out. Finished dry gapping etc.

Laid 10 young calves out


Friday 17

Fine, very hot. Thundery afternoon.

Hanging gates in Round S. and Barnfield.

On Lots with gate etc.


Saturday 18

Fine. Very very hot.

Cleaning up behind barn after mangolds. Mowing nettles.

Hung gates on Plucker 

Sunday 19

Fine. Very hot. North wind.


Monday 20

Fine, very hot. Light wind.

Cleaning up eye in Paddock. Walling gaps up in yard. Dyking in Barnfield.

Cloudy after tea.


Tuesday 21

Fine, hot, light wind. Thundery afternoon.

Cleaning sheep again. Castrating lambs


Wednesday 22

Fine, cloudy, N wind.

Cleaning calf hulls out. On lots walling. Dyking.


Thursday 23

Fine. Very, very hot.

Stitch harrowing mangolds. Clipped two hogs (wicks).

Dad and Mother at Gowery.

heavy thunder storm at night.


Friday 24

Fine, very hot.

Buried sheep.

Stitch harrowing kale and turnips. Finished mowing nettles


Saturday 25

Fine, dull, warm, thundery.

Hoeing turnips. On lots, clipped hogs. Cleaned rough ewes. Castrating lambs finished. Two heavy thunder storms after tea. Heavy rain.


Sunday 26

Fine. Cloudy at times. Rain at night.


Monday 27

Light rain in morning. Fine and sunny later. S W wind.

Hoeing turnips and kale.

Took 4 lams to Auction. Weight 38 lbs @ ? per lb.


Tuesday 28

Fine, sunny, very hot morning. Thundery all afternoon. Light rain after tea.

Hoeing kale


Wednesday 29

Fine, sunny, hot. Light rain early morning.

Hoeing kale at Gowery.


Thursday 30

Fine, dull, S wind. Heavy shower after tea.

Finished hoeing kale. Hoed 4 rows carrots.

Cleaning shippons and sweeping up.

Germany has lost 2000 planes since May 10th.


Friday 31

Fine, dull, S wind.

Finished hoeing in Crow. Thinned all turnips.



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