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Diary of a Young Farmer

Written by William Robinson 1939 - 1941, then aged about 20.

(click here for William's brother, Wilson's, diaries from 1935)

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JULY 1940

Monday 1

Fine. S wind. Heavy showers 10-30am.

Haymaking at O B. 2 carts. Another 3 carts after milking. S B.

Hoeing turnips.


Tuesday 2

Fine, dull, warm S wind. Light rain after milking.


8 carts B. Mitred kale.


Wednesday 3

Fine, strong S W wind.

Run kale, turnips and carrots up.

Cart of grass for bulls. Brought hay implements up. Mowing thistles.


Thursday 4

Very heavy rain early morning. Heavy showers all day. W wind. Cold bright intervals.

Mowing thistles.


Friday 5

Fine, dull, warm.

Planting mangolds. They are very big, biggest I have ever planted.

Shaking hands across rows.

Dipping sheep. 61+67+40+10 = 178. 62 from Over Bleaze.


Saturday 6

Fine, dull, light showers.

Took sheep on lots. Finished planting mangolds. 1 cart of grass.

Terrible heavy rain early morning. Washed all our lane up.


Sunday 7

Very heavy thunder storm all morning. Fine afternoon.


Monday 8

Fine, warm S wind.

Mowing thistles. 1 cart grass.


Tuesday 9

Heavy rain all day in showers. Strong S wind.

Planting cabbages in Crow. Whitewashed  1 hull.  Cleaned calf hulls out.

Mowing thistles.


Wednesday 10

Wet all day. Fine intervals.

Planting cabbages in field. Thistle mowing. 1 cart of straw muck away. 

Sowing Sulphate of Ammonia on clover fog.

Cart hoop came off.


Thursday 11

Fine, dull, showers after tea.

Finished sowing Sulphate. Finished carting straw muck. Cart of grass. Thistle mowing.


Friday 12

Fine, dull, cold strong E S wind.

Thistling. Whitewashing.


Saturday 13

Fine, bright intervals. Very thundery and warm.

Mowing thistles. Cart of grass.


Sunday 14

Fine morning. Rain all afternoon. Warm.


Monday 15

Fine, sunny, very warm.

Mowing thistles. Cart of grass.

Took 3 lambs to Kendal. 6 bags of sawdust back.

3 lambs 44 lbs each at 1/3 per lb = 2-15-11 each 55/11

Total 8-7-9


Tuesday 16

Fine and warm at first. Heavy thunder rain 3pm onwards.



Wednesday 17

Wet all day.

Thistling. Whitewashing. Re-making calf shelvings for new cart.


Thursday 18

Wet all day.

Whitewashing. Penrith Sale. Rained without stopping for over 36 hours.


Friday 19

Showers, bright intervals. Thunder at night. strong S wind.

Thistling. Cart of grass.


Saturday 20

Heavy showers, thunder, bright intervals. Cold. Very strong S wind


On duty 9--30 - 1 am.


Sunday 21

Fine, light showers later. Strong S wind.


Monday 22

Fine, light showers in morning.  Sunny later, strong S W wind.

Finished mowing thistles at home. Cart of grass.

Dosing lambs with Nicotine Sulphate and spained tup lambs.


Tuesday 23

Fine and sunny. Warm.

Snagging hedges. Mowing thistles on lots.

Finished sideboards for cart.


Wednesday 24

Heavy showers morning. Fine later. Strong S wind.

Finished thistling on lots. Snagging hedges. Whitewashing.


Thursday 25

Fine, warm, thundery, S wind.

Stitch harrowing turnips and carrots. Weeding carrots.

Cart of grass. Washing cart.


Friday 26

Fine, warm, thundery.

Stitch harrowing mangolds. Snagging round Sammy. Finished weeding carrots.


Saturday 27

Fine, very hot, thundery, N wind.

Weeding turnips and kale. On lots heifer. cart of grass.


Sunday 28

Fine, sunny, very warm.


Monday 29

Fine, dull, light rain after supper. S wind.

Weeding kale. Took 4 lambs and 1 ewe to Auction.

4 lambs 38lb  9-10-0 each 47/6

1 ewe 60 lb    2-21-6

            Total    12-2-6 about

Brought cart of sawdust back.


Tuesday 30

Fine, warm, dull. SW - NW wind.

Trimming sheep and doctoring them.

Started Harvest

Cut 1 field of corn at OB with Greaves binder.


Wednesday 31

Fine, terrible hot.

Cutting corn in Crow with binder. Broke driving rod first round. Took it to Kendal.

Cart of grass



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