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Living at Strickley in the 1930's were four young Robinsons, Henry Wilson  (born 1916), William Arthur (born 1920),

Abigail Isabella (born 1922) and Margaret Frances (born 1924)

They probably all kept diaries, and William Arthur's from 1940 gives an insight to the daily work on the farm,

as well as a record of the weather for the whole year.


Click here for a month by month account of life at Strickley during the early days of the war.


The elder son, Henry Wilson Robinson was a prolific diarist, and these extracts are taken from diaries written in 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939

Wilson was married in 1938, and from then on the diaries also refer to his life at Over Bleaze. The fields at Over Bleaze are now (2006) part of Strickley.

Grateful thanks to Wilson for allowing me to publish these extracts

and apologies to those who don't know the farm or family and may be puzzled by some of the references.

Click here to see all the field names.

12th Willie to town and back. Killed pig. Uncle John
14th Dad at Auction. Cut pig up
15th Carting muck
16th Started stubling turnips. Shifted wire for fat sheep. Scaling muck
18th Stubble ploughing. Nora to Fallons smithy to have two removes front feet for 1/6
19th Wilson drove to town and right back. Mother to Kirkby Thore
20th Sunday. Auntie May's baby Christened Joseph Raymond Metcalfe
22nd Mother returned from Kirkby Thore. Kitty went to hospital
23rd Gave sketch at Milnthorpe. Moses Redmayne killed. Kitty operated on
24th Rolling oats. 4 tons lime came
25th Carting lime onto stubble
30th Fan to smithy. 4 removes. Mixing lime and mould
31st Finished mixing lime and mould midding in old lane


1st Sorting potatoes. Rabbitting. Dug 3 out in under an hour after tea
2nd  Saturday. Wilson to town by bus. Got a new suit at R H & T H Thompsons. Sold 5 rabbits for 9d
9th  Wilson ill in bed. Len Benson came for a week
10th Doctor here to Wilson. Doctor says he has flu. Strickley meeting of Burton preacher
11th Washed bull for Penrith. Cow calved for Penrith, Peggy 17.
12th Washed 3 cows for Penrith sale on 13th
14th Dad back from Penrith first days sale. Rosette 40 sold for 30 gns. Wilson up for 2 hours!
15th Dad back from sale. Sold Peggy for 18gns
17th Sunday. Holmescales. Wilson & Margaret stayed.
26th Carting muck. 9 carts and 101 heaps


12th Manchester water pipe burst in Crow
14th A number of people here to see burst
15th Hutton Squire (bull) to Kendal station. Two lambs and two sheep to auction


3rd Took heifers to Lots. Also 2 horses
6th Jubilee Day. Great doings
10th Cows out for summer
14th Small fire at Holmescales. Judging demonstration at Hagg
16th Carted 11  loads of soil down to the burst in Crow
17th Another 8 loads of soil to burst. Snowed, very cold!
25th Preston Patrick Guild visit to Morecambe. Young Farmers Club visit to Newton Rigg
31st Cleaned out WC


2nd Camp Meeting. Willie came off his bike
5th Willie up
8th Whit Sunday. All at Kendal except Willie
29thStarted hay


4th Father at Royal Show, Newcastle
13th 77 carts of hay in during the last week
22nd Aeroplane display at night
25th Finished haymaking. Helping Gibsons from Over Bleaze
30thHelping Gibsons finish hay. Paid 10/-


1st At the Royal Lancs Show at Burnley with Willie
3rd Started opening corn out. Sold first ferret for 5/-
5th Cutting ley
13th Mother and girls at Morecambe
17th Mealbank Sunday School visit
18th Everything very dry. Can only get a trickle of water in the bathroom
19th Finished harvest. 42 carts of corn
27th Uncle Willie and Auntie Lizzie Brown came.
28th Aunt Lizzie and Ruth Brown went back
29th Burton Show


2nd Father not well. Wilson went to auction
5th Grayrigg Show 1st Bull under 12 months, 1st Tup Lamb, 2nd to Wilson for judging.Father back at work
6th Canny Brow thrashing
7th Wilson ill in bed
12th Kendal Show. 2nd with 3 mangolds, 3rd with 3 turnips, 3rd YFC Heifer
19th Harvest Festival at Holmescales
20th Father at Ulverston
22nd Stricklandgate Harvest Festival
24th Wilson at Horse Sale


1st Started walling lessons at Bridge House
10th Father at Penrith Female Sale
17th Hayfell thrashing
18th Strawberry Bank and Low Garths thrashing
21st Rawhead thrashing
30th Bleaze Hall sale


1st Overseas Missions Service being held at Strickley. Went to Holmescales for forms.
5th Underhelm thrashing
6th Walling class. YFC at Bridge House. Guild at Milnthorpe
7th Rabbitting. 5 with guns and ferrets. Guild at Preston Patrick
10th Wilson's birthday (19)
11th Willie went to Elm Tree
14th Election day. Stanley got in 10,000 majority
18th Willie back from Elm Tree. 2 tons of baled straw came
20th Father at Penrith with 5 heifers
22nd YMG Band of Hope social
23rd Frosty
25th First sketch practice.


2nd Sketch practice at Strickley
6th Sawing wood on lots
9th Rabbitting for Mr. Gibson. Sketch practice at Rowell
11th Gave sketch at Milnthorpe
12th  Thrashing Holmescales. Hedging Bleaze Meadow
17th Social evening at Holmescales
21st Frosty and snowing 3/4 inch
25th At Bridge House
26th  Work all day

Extracts taken from diaries written in 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939