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Diary of a Young Farmer

Written by William Robinson 1939 - 1941, then aged about 20.

(click here for William's brother, Wilson's, diaries from 1935)

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JUNE 1940

Saturday 1

Fine, sunny, very hot. Strong S W wind.

Stitch harrowed mangolds. Thinning mangolds.


Sunday 2

Fine, very hot.

The hawthorn hedges and trees are white with flowers like a second Lyth.

I have never seen so much in my life. It is very beautiful.


Monday 3

Fine. Terrible hot. Light wind.

Thinning mangolds. Took 1 heifer and 1 cow heifer to Kendal.

Strickley Daisy 30th 8 cwts A. 26-10-0

Mollies Rose 11th 8 cwts B. 22-10-0


Tuesday 4

Fine, very hot.

Clipped all halfbred and pure bred sheep at home.

Thinning mangolds.


Wednesday 5

Fine, hottest day yet.

Finished thinning mangolds. On lots for sheep.


Thursday 6

Fine, very hot.

Finished clipping sheep except killed 1 with clipping.

Thinning kale.


Friday 7

Fine, very warm.

Thinning kale.

STARTED HAY at night.


Saturday 8

Fine, very hot.

Finished cutting seeds. Turned swathes at night. Thinning kale.


Sunday 9

Fine, very hot. Never saw a cloud in the sky once June 1st.

Camp Meeting

All fields looking very brown and burnt, not much water in becks.


Monday 10

Fine, very hot. S wind.

Haymaking. Bought 2 cows from Bridge House. 50.

Italy declared war on Britain and France.


Tuesday 11

Fine, warm, light S wind. Cloudy in morning.

Leading hay. 19 carts seeds.


Wednesday 12

Fine, dull, cool.

Finished leading seeds. Carted 25 in all. Thinning kale.


Thursday 13

Fine, sunny, warm.

Cut and turned Crow bottom. Thinning kale.


Friday 14

Fine, sunny, warm.

Mowed first piece in N H F. Cocked up in Crow. Thinning kale.

Y. F. C. here judging cows.


Saturday 15

Fine, sunny, very hot.

Mowed last piece in N H F. Led crow, 6 carts.

Heavy thunder storm after tea.

Annual Y.F.C. Rally at Newton Rigg.


Sunday 16

Fine, dull, cool. Strong N wind.


Monday 17

Fine, sunny, warm. Light N wind.

Haymaking. 14 carts 1st plot N H F. I cart Crow.


Tuesday 18

Fine, sunny, very hot.

Haymaking. 15 carts 2nd plot N H F. Cut 2 fields at O B.


Wednesday 19

Fine, very hot, thundery.

Haymaking. Finished thinning kale. Finished thinning carrots.


Thursday 20

Fine. Cooler at first, warm later. Strong N wind.


Led Over Bleaze, High Meadow 8

Led Over Bleaze, paddock 4 carts

                                    Total 12 carts


Friday 21

Fine, sunny, warm. Strong S W wind.

Haymaking. Got 17 carts M. Finished mowing at Strickley.


Saturday 22

Dull. Showers at times. Very heavy rain after tea.

Jess to smithy. Mitred mangolds and run them up.


Sunday 23

Fine, sunny, N wind.

The countryside is the brownest I have ever seen it.

The becks are very low and many small streams are dry.

If it does not rain for a while the position will be very serious.


Monday 24

Fine. Sunny at first. Cloudy later. Strong S wind.

Haymaking. 10 carts M.


Tuesday 25

Fine. Cloudy at first. Sunny later. V strong S wind.


Got 17 carts M.


Wednesday 26

Fine. Light showers. S wind. Sunny at times.

Stitch harrowing potatoes, turnips and a little kale.

Pulling long weed out of mangolds.


Thursday 27

Fine, sunny, warm.

Cutting grass at Over Bleaze. Weeding potatoes.


Friday 28

Fine. Thundery. Bright intervals.

Finished mowing at O B. Led two carts Bank. Run potatoes up.

Finished stitch harrowing kale and carrots.


Saturday 29

Fine at first. Sunny. Very heavy rain for 3 hours at dinner time. Fine and sunny later.

Haymaking. 4 carts. rained off. Sawing wood.

6 heifers on lots. 4 down.


Sunday 30

Fine, sunny, warm. S wind.



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