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Diary of a Young Farmer

Written by William Robinson 1939 - 1941, then aged about 20.

(click here for William's brother, Wilson's, diaries from 1935)

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Thursday 1

Fine. Hottest ever. No wind.

Cutting corn. Hottest day ever had this year.


Friday 2

Fine. Terrible hot. Light E wind.

Finished cutting corn in Crow. Started hay again. Mowing clover fog S.H.


Saturday 3

Fine, very hot.

Finished mowing fog. Cart of grass. Opening corn out in S.H.


Sunday 4

Fine, warm, cloudy morning.

Wicks or maggots are very bad this last week or two. Between 2 and 8 every day. Heavy dews and hot days are blamed.


Monday 5

Fine, bright intervals. Light shower morning.

Straightening corn up. Cutting corn with reaper and getting it ready on lots.


Tuesday 6

Fine, bright intervals.

Finished cutting corn at S. Scaled hay.


Wednesday 7

Light rain morning, fine later.

Set corn sheaves up (cut yesterday). At O.B. mowing brackens and hay. Cocked hay up. 2 carts of corn O.B.

O.D. 1 - 4.30


Thursday 8

Light showers all day. Very little in all. S W wind.

Jobbing about. On lots for rough sheep and lambs. Straightening corn up.


Friday 9

Very cold. Light showers all day. Very little in all. Very strong SW wind.

Among sheep picking out for Monday etc. Trimmed tups. Jobbing about.


Saturday 10

Light showers all day. Strong SW wind.

Cutting grass and snagging hedge up lane.


Sunday 11

Fine. Strong SW wind. Dried up very fast.


Monday 12

Fine, bright intervals. Light SW wind. White frost early morning.

21 carts of corn Crow.

7 carts of corn O.B.

Took 12 lambs and 4 ewes to Kendal

5 hog lambs  32 lbs 1/- per lb

7 big lambs   38 lbs 1/- lb  

4 ewes           80 lbs 9      

                        Total               38


Tuesday 13

Very light drizzle all day.

Spained lambs etc. Took 30 ewes on lots. Whitewashing. 

Wednesday 14

Fine at first, rain after tea till 6pm then sunny later.

Leading corn. 8 carts. Rained off. Jobbing about.


Thursday 15

Fine. S wind.

Finished cutting corn at O.B. Finished leading corn in Crow. 7 carts.


Friday 16

Fine, dull, cool, light S W wind.

Mowing corn. haymaking. Led 3 carts.

O.D. 1 - 4.30


Saturday 17

Fine, sunny, warm. Light S W wind.

Haymaking. Finished. 11 carts.


Sunday 18

Wet nearly all day. Strong S W wind.


Monday 19

Fine, bright intervals. S W wind.

Took 4 heifers on lots. 5 down. Trimming and dosing sheep. Raking in Crow 

Tuesday 20

Fine morning, wet afternoon. Strong SW wind.

Snagging hedges. Cleaning calf hulls out. Whitewashing. Cows in fog first time.


Wednesday 21

Fine, very strong S W wind. Wind cold at all times.

Cutting grass round cornfield. Leading corn. 4 carts S.H.


Thursday 22

Fine, sunny. Strong N W wind.

Finished Harvest at S. Led 11 carts S.H. Brought implements in 

Friday 23

Fine, bright intervals. Strong N wind.

Raking Crow. I cart hay included.


Saturday 24

Fine, sunny, S wind.

Finished Harvest at O.B. 4 carts and 1 rakings. Cut grass on Crow bottom. I cart rakings S.H. and hay.

Frosty morning.


Sunday 25

Fine, bright intervals. Strong N wind.

O.D. 9 - 1


Monday 26

Fine, dull. Strong N wind.

Snagging hedges. Turned hay.


Tuesday 27

Fine, sunny all day. N W wind. Shower early am.

Haymaking. 5 carts Crow. Fencing round Dutch Barn.


Wednesday 28

Fine and sunny at first. Rain after supper. S W wind.

Canny Brow thrashing. Raking Crow. Put fence up again carrots and put sheep on corn and fog.


Thursday 29

Fine, sunny, cool. Strong S W wind.

Jobbing about. At Canny thrashing 2nd day.

Mr Durnno here and passed 4  bulls. Sold 1 after to Mr W Richardson 24. Mr W Dobson brought 2 pigs.


Friday 30

Fine, sunny, warm. S wind.

Snagging hedges and topping. Cutting thistles. Picking apples.


Saturday 31

Fine, warm.

Finished snagging hedges. Finished pulling apples. Most ever had for few years. Carting snaggings. Weeding mangolds



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